September 2017 Intake - Engineering Learner Case Studies

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Michael Birhane - William Hare

“I decided to opt for an Apprenticeship because I felt that I would better develop my knowledge and education of the engineering industry by studying the theory and getting the vital hands-on experience that so many university students miss out on. Hopefully, this will enable me to become a better candidate for a job after I finish my educational studies.”

Matthew Leatham - William Hare

“After finishing my A levels I decided to avoid all the debt that comes with university and apply for an Apprenticeship. This enabled me to earn a wage as I gain the qualifications needed to progress in engineering whilst also gaining vital industry experience.”

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Ashley Hutton - Silcoms

“I decided to apply for this apprenticeship because it is more hands-on rather than theory based which I feel was more suited to my type of personality. Having only been on my Apprenticeship for less than 6 months, I feel that I have already progressed my skills and knowledge within engineering.”

Aiden Fearnhead - Silcoms

“I chose to do an Apprenticeship as I had already done my first year in college studying my A Levels which I didn’t enjoy as I have always been a hands-on person. I knew the Apprenticeship would be more hands-on, offering a more interesting way of learning and gaining more experience in the way of working instead of being sat at a desk.”

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Cameron Barlow - Silcoms

“I chose the Apprenticeship route so I could achieve the qualifications I wanted through hands-on experience. The Apprenticeship I am studying is much more enjoyable and rewarding than college, and I feel that I have already gained lots of skills and knowledge in engineering.”

Able Gadimoh - Movetech UK

“I jumped at the chance to apply for the Apprentice position because I was keen to be part of a successful local company that knows all the ins and outs when it comes to engineering and manufacturing. Since starting a few months ago, everyone has made me feel really welcome and I am looking forward to getting hands on and achieving my goals, as well as helping the company to continue to thrive along the way.”

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