ESFA Subcontracting

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of Alliance Learning in using sub-contractors is to increase the provision we deliver where Alliance Learning do not employ the appropriately skilled staff to facilitate the specific qualifications/apprenticeships. This is to meet skills gaps within the local economy identified through collaboration with LEP's. However, although Alliance Learning sub contract the provision we have specific criteria that and standards that we expect to be achieved. Failure to meet these targets could be constituted as breach of contract and thus result in the contract being cancelled. These requirements are:

- Success rates must be at a minimum of 85%
- Timely success rates do not fall below 80%
- Observation of Teaching, Learning & Assessment must be conducted a minimum of once per contract year by Alliance Learning (this will be risk rated) and a minimum of a Grade 2 (Good) must be achieved.

Funding Retained & Implementation of the Policy

Alliance Learning will retain funding to the value of anything between 15-25% of the overall funding drawn down from the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The amount of funding retained will vary depending on the amount of support that Alliance Learning provides to the said sub-contractor and the risk analysis levied to this sub-contractor following the results of the Due Diligence.

Funding is retained to ensure the sub-contractor’s delivery is compliant with the ESFA requirements as well as Alliance Learning’s standards. In return for funding retained, we will support the sub-contractor through regular meetings with the sub-contractor’s representatives to monitor performance against the contract, audit compliance and support & development of their staff in line with the training of Alliance Learning’s own staff. We will work with the sub-contractor to support development of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Health and Safety; Safeguarding and Prevent; IAG and Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Teaching, Learning and Assessment is a key strategic driver in ensuring that learners receive outstanding delivery and support. Training of staff and continued professional development is expected of all sub-contractors in conjunction with Alliance Learning staff and we will provide support towards this, where relevant.

Payment to the sub-contractor will be 8 weeks after the learner(s) are enrolled onto programme. A detailed spreadsheet will be sent to the sub-contractor clearly stating the income that Alliance Learning receive, the funding retained for each learner and the total amount payable to the sub contractor. The sub contractor will then have to invoice Alliance Learning and the invoice will be paid within 30 days. Once the learner has completed their programme any remaining payment will be rolled up and paid to the sub contractor once all certificates have been received.

Alliance Learning reserve the right suspend payment should any elements of the contract not be fully adhered to and this suspension will be in place until these elements have been complied with.
This policy will be communicated and discussed with all new and existing sub-contractors prior to the signing of any Service Level Agreement (contract) for the specific contract year which runs from 1st August – 31st July and reviewed annually.


Contract start and end date 1st August 2023 – 31st July 2024
Type of provision 16-18 and 19+ Apprenticeships
Funding SFA have paid to Alliance Learning for provision delivered by the subcontractor in that academic year: £26,706.00
Funding Alliance Learning have paid to Bolton College for provision delivered in that academic year: £26,706.00
Funding Alliance Learning have retained in relation to Bolton College for that academic year: £0.00