Parent/Guardian Testimonials

"I just wanted to send a short email on the professionalism and tremendous help I’ve had from Chloe Ramsden and all at Alliance Learning. Chloe in my opinion has gone above and beyond in helping my son Niall get on the apprenticeship ladder, both with his CV and being that port of call. For us and I am totally overwhelmed by her support and wouldn’t hesitate to recomend her and Alliance as an apprenticeship provider."

- Sarah Hulme

"I’d like to pass on my sincere thanks to both Angela Harrison and Ravi Lad for their help in securing my daughter, Emily, onto an apprenticeship. I first approached Angela back in July when my daughter’s college gave me 3 weeks notice before closing for the summer that they did not want her to continue with her A-Level studies, as she would not achieve high enough grades for their college! No assistance was given in where to go for help or advice and I was fortunate to meet Angela at a networking event. Angela invited both Emily and myself to visit Alliance Learning and at this visit we were told about the Traineeship scheme. Emily was very shy with little confidence and had no experience with regard to interview skills, CV writing and where to begin in finding a job. By September Emily was accepted onto the Traineeship scheme and within 1 week a place was found for her to do work experience in Business Administration. Whilst on the traineeship scheme she was provided with the skills for CV writing and interview techniques and Alliance Learning was successful in finding her a suitable apprenticeship close to home and successfully guided her through the interview. Emily has grown in confidence since July and having the positive attitude of the people around her from Alliance Learning is now enjoying ‘Learning on the Job’. Without doubt she would not have achieved the above so quickly had it not been for Alliance Learning in helping Emily with her Personal Development but also in successfully finding a suitable apprenticeship job for her well within the 12 weeks of the traineeship scheme. I cannot express my thanks enough and fully recommend any parent and child to visit Alliance Learning to learn more about what they can offer. Teena Wallace Thanks again Ravi and Angela for your help – Angela you saved my life!!! You know how concerned I was back in July. Emily is a different girl now and thoroughly enjoying her work."

- Teena Wallace

"Just a big thank you.  June and Den as you are very helpful, nothing is too much trouble, very supportive both to the parent and the teenagers trying to get an Apprenticeship."

- Denise Broomhead