Learner Testimonials


"I can honestly say I am super impressed with Alliance Learning as a training provider. With the Onefile I have a clear, concise understanding of where I am up to with my work and how much I have left to achieve. Jackie Woodhams has been great! In just over 2 months I have completed 47% of the work required to a high standard." 

- Shannon Hughes (Apprentice)

"Elaine is efficeient and helpful. Best LDO I could ask for. There is never anything I am disappointed with and she is always helpful. I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship at Alliance Learning." 

- Cameron Maunder (Apprentice)

"I really like the experience and help I receive. Never had this in the past and Roy has helped me with queries on the same day which really is very good." 

- Karima Mohmed (Apprentice)

"I have recommended my friend, who is starting work at the same place on Monday and will be starting an Apprenticeship with Alliance Learning." 

- Nathan McCormick (Apprentice)

"The staff here are very helpful, they're always willing to lend a hand and give me advice." 

- Louis Hodgkinson (Apprentice)

"My course at Alliance Learning is going very well, I am enjoying it. My tutors and class mates are very helpful and hopefully I will be able to progress on to a higher course." 

- Callum Forster (Apprentice)

"I am very pleased with the education I am receiving at Alliance Learning. My tutor is very good at helping me to understand the different subjects I am learning and I feel like I am getting a better understanding of Engineering everyday." 

- Christopher Edwards (Apprentice)

"Alliance Learning have made me become a better engineer. Whilst being here I have learnt many new skills on the fitting section, the turning section, and the milling section. All of this was under the guidance of excellent tutors. Especially Dave Hilton." 

- Marley Morris (Apprentice)

"Very good, very enjoyable. The place is clean, the tutor help is very good and they're always willing to help me and my peers." 

- Alex Hogg (Apprentice)