Changes to CCNSG Renewal Rules

Changes to the CCNSG safety passport will require delegates to attend a renewal course or take an online renewal test before their safety passport expires from the 1st of April 2022.

Under the current rules of the scheme, all delegates who hold a valid CCNSG card have 3 years and a further 3-month grace period from the card expiry date to renew their card by attending either a 1-day CCNSG Renewal course or by taking a CCNSG Test Only for Renewal. However, with a significant number of sites refusing to accept CCNSG cards that have gone past the officially registered expiry date, the rule change will ensure consistency across the industry as a whole.

Delegates who do not renew their card within 3 years of the expiry date otherwise will have to attend the full 2-Day National Course to be in possession of a valid CCNSG Card. For delegates who wish to plan their attendance in advance of their renewal date, a CCNSG renewal course can be taken up to 6 months prior to the official expiry date. Any CCNSG cardholder with a card that has an expiry date on the 1st April 2022 or later will have to renew their card prior to the official expiry date, otherwise, attendance at a 2-day CCNSG National Course will be required.


CCNSG cards renewed within the expiry period will be issued to a date 3 years from the officially registered expiry date on the current card.

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