Website Credits

Website Development

As part of our on-going partnership with the University of Bolton, this website was developed to link in with our company's new ERP system (which was managed, requirements analysed, designed, developed and implemented by PhD Researcher Narender Reddy Govindgari & Paul Chapman). As part of it, this website development was also led by them.

Our Marketing Assistant, Tom Crook was trained by Narender on HTML, XML, QWeb, SEO, and how to create and maintain a website. Between Narender and Tom all the content was put together involving the relevant staff at Alliance Learning, they later designed and developed each page as well as edited the pictures to be displayed on them, Tom then worked on the SEO and continued to do so until he left the company.

Thanks to Students from Bolton University

In 2017, BA (HONS) Photography Graduate Jenny Karling and Undergraduates Katie Marie Parr, Joe Cain and Gary Costello planned, shot and prepared all of the images over a two-week period for the new Alliance Learning website. BA (HONS) Photography Programme Leader Ian Glover liaised with Chloe (Marketing Manager at Alliance Learning) and the group, offering technical and creative support but it was 'mainly their own work and ideas that were used' said a proud programme leader, Ian. The work was undertaken during the students busiest period around examination, exhibition and preparation for the next phase following University life so the time spent and the effort put in was greatly appreciated from all at Alliance Learning. In 2018, this project was undertaken again by the following students: BA (HONS) Photography Graduate Jenny Karling and Undergraduates Holly Young, Meg Salvi and Leighanna Dickinson.