How to Write a Cover Letter

What is an Apprenticeship cover letter?

An Apprenticeship cover letter is the introduction to your CV, it is a professional, formal letter and its content should reflect that. You want it to showcase your qualities relevant to the job and prove why you’d be an asset to the company.

Where should I put my cover letter?

Depending on how the CV is sent, the cover letter can be placed on top of your CV as a ‘front cover’ or if it is done electronically, most people send their cover letter in an e-mail message and attach a copy of their CV.

How should I prepare before writing my cover letter?

Before you make a start on your cover letter, research the Apprenticeship you are applying for. Create a cover letter that really shows the employer you are passionate about the Apprenticeship, this could be the difference between being invited for an interview or not. Employers don’t want to read 3 or 4 pages of unnecessary information, keep your cover letter around three to four paragraphs but make sure all the relevant information is included.

How should my cover letter be written?

Start with a formal introduction and talk about the role you are applying for. Talk about why you are interested in the Apprenticeship, and draw attention to the specifics of the role and how your skills match what they are looking for.

The second paragraph should show how you as a person would be perfect for the role. Talk about any relevant work experience, activities, interests or qualifications you have.

To finish the cover letter, end with a well thought out and exciting statement about why you want the job, why they should consider you and how you could contribute positively to the organisation.