Importance of Staff Development

Is staff training required to keep up with current legislation?

Yes. With certain training courses, it is required to ensure you are abiding by the law. For example, if you employ over 5 staff it is a legal requirement to have a designated, trained First Aider. Not keeping up with legislation could result in fines, closure of business or even imprisonment.

Can staff training address skill shortages?

A number of courses we offer aren’t required to be attended by law but are designed to up-skill the employee. If you feel a staff member is lacking skills in a certain area, our training courses could give them that extra knowledge to enable them to gain the sufficient skills.

Will it improve the performance and morale of my employees?

The skills gained from one of our courses will give your employees extra knowledge that can be used to improve quality and performance in their job role. An employee who feels supported by their employer to progress will be motivated and happier overall within their job.

Will it improve the retention of my staff?

Training an employee is giving them the opportunity to grow in a position, resulting in them being motivated to progress further and continue growing. Investing in training an employee means they will develop self-worth as they become more valuable to the company. As well as the employee gaining benefits and overall being happier in their job, the employer gains a skilled and motivated workforce.

Will training my staff have an effect on my customers?

Untrained employees can result in mistakes being made. Not only could this result in a loss of money and time but also low customer satisfaction and reputation of your business. An employee making a mistake due to being untrained could cause a customer to lose trust in your service or the worst scenario; they could start looking elsewhere at other providers.