We are a member of GB Shared

Alliance Learning is a proud member of GB Shared, a network of sustainable marketplaces, currently spanning the North of the UK.  These 'sharing platforms or sustainable marketplaces' allow a business to buy, sell, connect, win business, find funding, tenders, recruit and promote, all from the comfort of their desk, all locally and all sustainably. 

GB Shared has won a raft of awards too, including the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award this year, which sees them take thousands of business members on a national journey.  The first of their kind, these platforms are central to each county and free to use if you'd like to search and connect locally, but as a paid member you can access an array of benefits from digital advertising to sustainable accreditation!  

They've shared thousands of jobs, events, awards, networking groups, funding, tenders, news articles and have a national youth platform to support future generations.  The platforms are 100% powered by us, the business community and whilst we benefit from ample returns, our communities and the planet benefits too!  The work of thousands of members has helped to reduce unemployment and carbon footprint, to connect communities, share millions in funding, billions in tenders, embed social values and so much more in each region.

This year they'll be putting a share site in every UK county so if you've not heard about sharing, then as a member, we'd be delighted to introduce you.  Don't worry, there's no pressure to join, even using it for free supports our organisation's digital reach!


Here's a link to find out more: Lancashare