Metal Fabricator Apprentices Pay Tribute to Armistice Day!

In the echoing halls of a bustling Fabrication and Welding Workshop, a group of apprentice metal fabricators from the Bolton based training provider Alliance Learning have woven their skills into a powerful tribute for Armistice Day. In a symphony of sparks and steel, these apprentices have shaped raw materials into sculptures that speak volumes about sacrifice, remembrance, and the enduring spirit of those who have served.


The workshop, typically filled with the rhythmic sounds of welding and the scent of burning metal, became a haven for creativity and contemplation. Under the guidance of the Tutors, these apprentices took on the challenge of translating their emotions into tangible works of art.


Each apprentice embraced the opportunity to convey a personal connection to Armistice Day through their sculptures. The pieces, diverse in form and style, collectively tell a story of honour, resilience, and the collective memory of conflicts past.

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One apprentice, Shaun Ainsworth, employed by Edbro, injected an extra layer of meaning into his creation. Shaun decided to donate his sculpture to the Salvation Army and had the following comments "Donating it to the Salvation Army felt like a meaningful way to give back to the community, as my family have had connections with them for over 20 years.”


The sculptures serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of remembering, honouring, and cherishing the collective history that binds us all.


Alliance Learning remembers them.

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