Level 2 Diploma in Care (Health and Social Care - ESF Funded)

Awarding Organisation


Target Group

This vocational training course is suitable for anybody who is in a team leading role. Our Alliance Learning tutors will be able to advise on the most appropriate level.

Course Duration

Each level of qualification takes approximately 12 months to complete.

Course Content

The Level 2 qualification is made up of a mixture of Knowledge based and Competency units. Learners will complete units such as Communication in Care Settings, Personal Development in Care Settings, Equality and Inclusion in Care Settings, Duty of Care, Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings, Responsibilities of a Care Worker, Implement Person-centred Approaches in Care Settings, Health, Safety and Wellbeing in Care Settings, Handle Information in Care Settings.

Competency units will be assessed in the workplace through direct observation, professional discussion, work product evidence and witness testimonies, where learners will demonstrate their ability to meet the standards. Knowledge will be assessed by written work.

How often will an assessor visit me?

To complete the NVQ it is required that one of our assessors visits you and witnesses you working first hand in your job role. During the qualification, you will receive 8-10 visits.

Are you interested in the Health & Social Care NVQ's?

If you would like to be enrolled onto any of the Health & Social Care NVQ's, you can contact our Sales Team on 01204 677811 or email info@alliancelearning.com.