Electrical Engineering 

Level 2 Electrical Engineering
Intermediate Apprenticeship

Level 3 Electrical Engineering
Advanced Apprenticeship

Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship
in Engineering

Why choose an Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship with us?

The Improving Operational Performance framework incorporates Performing Engineering Operations Level 2, which equips apprentices with the basic skills and knowledge to carry out a range of engineering processes at semi-skilled and operator level. The pathway ensures that business processes are planned and executed as efficiently as possible, identifying and, minimising waste whilst ensuring the highest quality.

- QPEO2/001: Working Safely in an Engineering Environment

- QPEO2/002: Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering

- QPEO2/003: Using and Communicating Technical Information

- QPEO2/033: Wiring and Testing Electrical Equipment and Circuits

- QPEO2/036: Assembling and Testing Electronic Circuits

- QPEO2/037: Maintaining Electrical Equipment/Systems