Basic Electrical Wiring & Testing / Maintenance


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Awarding Body:

EMTA Awards Limited (EAL) is a leading UK awarding body for National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and their Scottish equivalents (SVQs) in the Engineering and Technology sector. On completion of the course, delegates will receive an EAL unit of competence.

Course Aim:

This course aims to provide basic working knowledge and some practical experience of electrical installation in single phase and 3 phase.


Part 1 = 5 days
Part 2 = 5 days
Total of 10 days.

Target Group:

Delegates who wish to gain electrical skills.

Part 1 Course Content: PE02/033 - Wiring & Testing

• Safety Procedures, including:
- The requirements for isolation
- Procedures
- Checking
- Using test lamps

- Various test meters
- Clamp on ammeter

• Single Phase:
- Working to simple electrical drawings
- Identifying and selecting cables and wires
- Practice in terminating and connecting cables
- Lighting circuits, 1-way, 2-way and intermediate
- Ring circuit and spur
- Instruct in the testing of the ring circuit to BS7671

• Course review and evaluation

Part 2 Course Content: PE02/037 - Maintenance

• Three phase:

- Clamp on ammeter
- Testing motors
- Resistance of phases
- Insulation between phases
- Insulation to earth (Health & Safety as above) Wiring and connecting starter and motors

- Removal of fuses, awareness of locking off and permits to work
- Wire simple starter
- Wire direct on starter and motor
- Wire star delta starter and motor
• Check starter and running currents of the above instar or delta (Health & Safety under close supervision of Alliance Instructor), subject to delegates ability (assessed by Alliance Instructor), a selection from:
- Develop circuit diagram and wire 3 starters and motors to run in sequence
- Wire crane control panel, 3 motors and check using test instruments
- Wire motors highlighting starting currents and running currents
- Follow simple schematic drawings, wiring motor and control gear

• Course review and evaluation


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Course Dates:

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